Which Linux Distro is the best?

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    Dear Friends,

    Please note that there is no reason for us to try to determine the best Linux distribution and fight over it. Being a fanboy is stupid!

    The answer to this question is simple: it depends on what you want and what you expect from your operating system. For me and my use case, Ubuntu-based distros might be the best fit, or I might like distros with more advanced graphical interfaces. While someone else might like an Arch-based distro with a very simple graphical interface.

    Also, not everyone is a Linux master from the beginning. Please respect the beginners and do not give them harsh feedback. If you do not have the time, just ignore their questions. There is no reason to be hard on them and their basic questions. Everyone should start learning sometime, so let us make this progress pleasant for them. Maybe in the future they will contribute back to this community and others will benefit as well.

    So please respect everyone and their opinions.

    Unfortunately, if we notice misbehavior against others, we may have to ban your account or remove your posts.

    All the best,

    ScientificTools.org Team

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